How To Order

In the coming weeks, this page will direct you to the many places you can order Rack Toys. Sorry I’m too superstitious to do pre-orders.

The book’s price is $19.95 and if you order through me I’ll offer exclusive bundling deals, free promotional goodies and you’ll guarantee your copy was manhandled by my bacon grease embedded fingers. Heck, I’ll sign it if you want (although my signature isn’t pretty).

I’m still negotiating with a distributor but in the meantime Rack Toys will soon be made available on the following sites:

The Plaidstallions Press Store
Where you’ll find the best deals and exclusive bundling offers.


Odeon Toys Ecrater store 

Amazon: Where it’s already up for pre-order.

Toy shows (I’ll be appearing at as many toy and comic shows as my family will allow)

Like us on Facebook to get first dibs on when Rack Toys is available. If you don’t have facebook, you can email at and I’ll put you on the advance notice mailing list.

If you are a retailer/E-tailer who would like to carry Rack Toys, I do have wholesale rates available, drop me a line at for more information.